Your guide to understanding online casino slots in 2022

Your guide to understanding online casino slots in 2022

Video slots are undoubtedly the most popular type of game available at online casinos. These games have amazing graphics, bright colour schemes, fun themes, loud music and of course, the chance to win some epic cash prizes. 

But what makes online slots so popular and why do people go crazy for them? We take a look at these casino games below and describe six important aspects that you should understand before playing them at an online casino.

Slots have different themes

Firstly, slots come in hundreds of different themes. This means that the game has an over-arching genre that it is based on. The graphics, animations, characters, symbols and music will all be related to that theme. As a result, you get an immersive experience and something that is more akin to a video game than a simple casino game.

This means that you can easily pick out slots that you will enjoy at a platform such as Ultra Casino online, as you can just look for a theme that you are familiar with! Examples of popular themes include vampires, Greek and Roman mythology, adventurers, medieval, fruit machines, gangsters and Africa.

They also have bonus symbols and features

Compared to the old-style fruit machines, video slots at online casinos and apps are far more complex and exciting. While you can still get winning combinations with three or more matching symbols, most slots have bonus symbols and features too.

For example, you can usually find scatter symbols and wilds. Scatter symbols can trigger a winning combination anywhere, while wilds typically substitute for other symbols on the reels. Additionally, many games have bonus rounds in which you can win free spins. They may also have mini games and the chance to earn things like bet multipliers. This makes the games far more interesting and engaging to play.

The RTP percentage is important to consider

You want the best chance to win money, right? If so, you should look for slots with a higher RTP percentage. This is usually stated in the game rules or on the software developer’s website.

RTP stands for Return to Player and is the theoretical percentage that you can expect to win back when playing a casino game over a longer period. For example, let’s say you play Starburst from NetEnt. This has an RTP of 96.01%. Therefore, if you spent $100 playing, over time, you should expect to win back $96.01, or make a loss of $3.99. The expected loss is also known as the house edge.

As is the volatility

Volatility also plays a part in your chances of winning. This is related to the frequency and value of your wins. Slots are usually classified into three volatilities – high, medium and low.

Low volatility slots pay out frequently, however, the payout value is usually smaller and you have less chance of big jackpot wins. In contrast, highly volatility games pay out infrequently but you have more chance of bigger wins and jackpots. 

Medium volatility is simply a compromise between the two. You can therefore use volatility together with RTP to find games that suit your playstyle and budget.

Paylines and bet values also matter

Video slots also have two key features to bear in mind – paylines and bet values. Paylines are essentially the possible winning combinations you can get from each spin. It is common for slots to have at least five paylines, but depending on the game type, they can have thousands.

More paylines essentially means more ways to win – but the spin cost is usually higher. Some games allow you to change the number of paylines, which affects your bet value accordingly. It is more common for slots to have fixed paylines, however. Always make sure you are aware of how much you are spending and how many paylines are active!

Some slots have progressive jackpots too

Lastly, there are some slots like Divine Fortune, Mega Moolah and Imperial Riches that have progressive jackpots. These are immense cash prizes that are randomly awarded. The prize pots are usually shared across multiple casinos and players make a contribution when they play the games. 

These progressive jackpots can have absurd values, spanning into tens of millions. However, you must be aware that the chance of winning is not usually high! But still, it’s worth the risk to win potential life-changing money, isn’t it?

As you can see, there is a lot to take in regarding online casino slots. But don’t worry – if you have read through these snippets of information, you should have a much clearer understanding of what this type of game has to offer. Additionally, you should be able to pick out the best titles that give you an enjoyable gaming experience and a better chance to win big!

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